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In-depth Dive To PMS Modules & Features

Introduction & Login

Dashboard & Master Data

Setup Module

Employee Module

  • Employee database management with employee documents.
  • Employee Role and Hierarchy management.
  • Track Employee login detail with Login IP Address.
  • Employee attendance management.
  • Detailed Timesheet to know the Employee time utilisation.
  • Get Each Employee’s Work report for particular work or time period.
  • Internal Email facility to communicate with other employee or client.

Client Module

  • Group wise client login management
  • Client database management with Client documents.
  • Manage clients by many tagging and on services base.
  • Easy to communicate with group of clients.
  • Client Multiple Contact Management.
  • Visitor register management.

Task Module

  • Task auto recurrence and auto assignment process.
  • Sub task and department wise task management and allocation process.
  • Get task reports with all aspect.
  • Get many auto reports to Admin, Client & Work employee like on Start, Completion, Cancel or Due date related.
  • Manage Efforts, Costing and Margin for Service, Client and Employee wise.
  • Task history at one place.
  • Efficiently manage tasks/activities.
  • Transfer task facilities between employees.
  • Admin Task approval/Rejection system with easy process and notification.
  • Due Task and Sub task tracking system.
  • Help Module is also available for task and sub task.

Document Module

  • You can manage office paperless with advance document management system.
  • Get any document by few click for Employee or Client.
  • Physical and Soft document management with Document tagging & File labeling.
  • Complete Inward & Outward management (With auto alert & Receipt) is also available.
  • Share Documents with your Clients in client login.
  • Find all documents for any particular task or client at one place.
  • Save all documents in digital format for each client.
  • You can set document tracking system for particular task of any client and also send notification for pending documents by one click.
  • All documents are safe with latest security system & there is not any chance to lose those data.
  • Send reminder Emails to Client or group of clients from the application with single click.

Account Module

  • Create Invoice with multy currency option.
  • Multy Company wise Invoice management.
  • Automatic reminders emails to client help to get paid faster.
  • You can also manage Invoice process by Proforma Invoice & payment Receipt option.
  • You can also manage reimbursement against client services.
  • You can get report of margin with expected and actual costing.
  • You can also manage day to day expences of your firm through patty cash management.
  • Client ledger with single click process.
  • Many Billing and Collection Reports with multiple search criteria.

Email Module

Email Scheduler

  • Set rules for auto Emai for particular date and time or event related to task, client & Invoice.
  • You can set rules like particular Email should fire on start of particular task, or Email should fire after 10 days of Invoice creation.
  • You can set frequency for Auto Email for particular time period like, Reminder Email should fire daily, from before 5 days of duedate untill completion of particular services.

Client Login

Mobile Application

  • Mobile Application with same features available on web applicaton for Employee & Client.
  • Easy way to get updated and to communicate with team.
  • Get Important Push Notification on user mobile screen with managable option.

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